Ready to get started? 


The programme includes the following:

·      Evaluation of your current diet, lifestyle and supplement regime 

·      Nutrient screening to evaluate whether certain nutritional deficiencies may be in place

·      A 90 minute initial consultation to discuss your health concerns and goals 

·      Detailed personalized recommendations based on our discussion and your health concerns and goals

·      Meal plans and recipes designed specifically for your goals and to help support endometriosis symptoms

·      A personalized supplement protocol - if required. These are not always necessary. 

·      Two 30 minute follow up's (usually 4 weeks apart) to evaluate your progress and discuss any of your concerns 

·      Detailed personalized recommendations after your follow up's based on your updated health goals (Week 8 & Week 12)

·      3 SOS calls - whenever you require them

·      6 SOS emails - whenever you require them

Functional testing & supplements may be required and are not included in this price.

In order to ensure my clients get the time and attention they need I only take on 2 clients per month and work with these women over a minimum period of 3 months. 

You are all unique and there is no one size fits all approach. I work with you to develop a dietary, supplement and lifestyle programme that suits your needs and most importantly will work for you on a long term basis. 

These changes are for life not just for a few short weeks or months.


What you will gain: 


·    An understanding of what foods may be impacting your endometriosis symptoms

·    Clarity about your individual nutritional needs

·    Increased energy

·    More balanced hormones which means less mood swings and PMS symptoms

·   An understanding of how additional factors such as sleep, stress management and exercise impact on your endometriosis

·   A sense of control that you can improve your own endometriosis symptoms

·   An ally and confidant through your endometriosis journey