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Want to work with me one on one?  

In order to give you the time you deserve I only work with a limited number of clients for a minimum of 3 months. From my experience this is the minimum time period needed to find an approach that works for you.

You are unique and there is no one size fits all approach.

I work with you to develop a dietary, supplement and lifestyle programme that suits your needs and more importantly will work for you on a long term basis. 

These changes are for life, not just for a few short weeks or months.

If you are:

  • Sick of feeling that you’re not in control of your endometriosis and aren’t sure how to manage your symptoms

  • Aren’t sure how changing your diet and lifestyle habits can help you with your endometriosis symptoms

  • Are wondering if there are things you are doing right now that are contributing to your endometriosis symptoms

  • Know exactly what you SHOULD be doing but just need someone to be accountable to

  • Or haven’t a clue how to go about changing your diet or lifestyle habits to manage your endometriosis

  • Want to be able to feel energetic, positive and empowered about your ability to manage your own endometriosis

I can help you.

One on one nutrition coaching from me includes the following:

Evaluation of your current diet, lifestyle and supplement regime 

Nutrient screening to evaluate whether certain nutritional deficiencies may be in place

A 90 minute initial consultation to discuss your health concerns and goals 

Detailed personalized recommendations based on our discussion and your health concerns and goals

Meal plans and recipes designed specifically for your goals and to help support endometriosis symptoms

A personalized supplement protocol - if required. These are not always necessary. 

Two 30 minute follow up's (usually 4 weeks apart) to evaluate your progress and discuss any of your concerns 

Detailed personalized recommendations after your follow up's based on your updated health goals (Week 8 & Week 12)

3 SOS calls - whenever you require them

6 SOS emails - whenever you require them

Functional testing & supplements may be required and are not included in this price.

In the meantime don’t forget to download the 3 things that you are probably doing everyday that are making your endometriosis symptoms worse by clicking here