READ ME: Fatigue and endometriosis

Endometriosis symptoms are diverse, there is no denying that.

But there is one symptom that comes up time and time again and that is fatigue.

And it’s no wonder. When your body is essentially always fighting a fire because it is in a chronic inflammatory state it is going to get tired. Not to mention the mental turmoil of wondering what is going on in your body constantly.

BUT there is so much that can be done when it comes to managing fatigue and luckily when I work one on one with women they always see an improvement in their fatigue symptoms.

Here I share some tips you can put into place right now that will help you.

  • Acknowledge the tiredness. Sounds simple right? But it’s nearly always an issue for women with endometriosis. I’ve only actually recently gotten my head around this myself. Acknowledging tiredness is the first step. You probably won’t have as much energy as your partner, best friend, children or colleagues. And that’s ok. Stop comparing yourself. Learn to notice when you are feeling tired and when you may be approaching times in your life that you may need some more rest and recuperation. Awareness is really key here.

  • Assess how much sleep you need to function well. Do you know how many hours sleep you need in order to function optimally? Does it change over the course of your cycle? Are you getting the amount of sleep that you need? If not, for how long have you not been getting it? I understand that there are periods of time where sleep may not be able to be prioritised but for the most part you should be prioritising your sleep (even over Netflix). This may also mean you need more sleep than your partner (and that’s fine) and also brings me neatly onto my next point.

  • Have you spoken to your family/friends/partner about fatigue being a part of endometriosis? The reason I say this is because I attended an endometriosis seminar the other day and I was telling my partner about it and he said he never realised that extreme fatigue was part of endometriosis…… He said he just thought I really liked sleep! (which is true also).

    But the truth is I had never actually explained it to him. But I still expected him to know…..Communicate with whoever you need to about what you need and how fatigue is a part of your condition. How sometimes you will need more sleep/rest/relaxation than the next person. Communication is key. This will also help you come up with plans that can suit both of your needs and the needs of your family if you have one.

    Nutrition is of course key when it comes to managing your energy also so I’ll cover this in a separate blog post.

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Lauren Healy