READ ME: How can a CDSA help me with my endometriosis?

If you follow me on social media, you may have heard me talking about getting a CDSA recently?

But what exactly is a CDSA and why would you need one?

A CDSA is a stool analysis. It can be useful if you experience digestive issues as it gives you information about your overall dietary health.

My reason for doing one was two fold:

  • I had recently taken an anti-biotic and subsequently a course of probiotics and I was interested to see if the probiotic had been successful in helping repopulate my good gut bacteria (FYI if you take an anti-biotic it essentially gets rid of all your gut bacteria both good and bad, so taking a good quality probiotic afterwards is key). Having a lot of healthy gut bacteria is really key to supporting the immune system which can often be affected in women with endometriosis.

  • Secondly I have been experiencing a few more digestive symptoms than normal (mostly involving digesting fats) recently and I wanted to see how well my enzymes were working in terms of helping me to break down fats. Another FYI women with endometriosis/hormonal imbalances can often experience issues breaking down fats and may experience symptoms like diarrhoea when eating fatty foods.

How does a CDSA work?

Well as you may have guessed it involves collecting samples of your stool (thats your poop in case you haven’t guessed that by now!). It is done over the course of 5 days, so it is advisable that you are within some sort of a routine over those 5 days. I aimed to do it first thing in the morning of the first 5 days. All the samples then need to be refridgerated before being sent off aswell. They are then sent off to the lab for analysis.

A CDSA can check a number of different things including the following:

Digestion & Absorption: How well are you digesting your food and even more importantly how well are you absorbing it.

How inflammed is your digestive system from eating different foods.

How well different enzymes are working and helping you to break down certain foods (for example in my case fats)

How much beneficial gut bacteria you have and how many pathogenic bacteria (if any) are present.

A CDSA can be particularly useful if you have travelled abroad recently and have had a recent increase in digestive symptoms.

Why might a CDSA be good for someone with endometriosis?

Did you know that over 90% of women diagnosed with endometriosis actually present with GI (i.e digestive) symptoms as their initial symptoms?

90%…that is a lot. And its really for good reason.

Digestive symptoms are common in women with endometriosis because of the proximity of endometriosis to the bowel and both direct and indirect inflammation caused by it.

In fact its a a little bit of a chicken and egg thing…as endometriosis is becoming more associated as being an auto-immune condition, having issues with the digestive system could well be a trigger for endometriosis.

For that reason (and esp for women with endo who have digestive symptoms already) a CDSA can give a really good insight into how well the digestive system is working and help provide pointers on what needs to be improved.

Improving digestive symptoms can directly and indirectly support endometriosis symptoms by improving digestion which will help to improve energy and overall vitality as well as supporting the immune system which is so important in women with endometriosis.

How can I get a CDSA?

A CDSA can only be ordered through a health care practitioner and I would highly recommend it as part of an overall protocol.

The test results are only as good as the protocol and plan to go alongside it so work with someone to help get you the test (if required) and also put a plan in place that will work for you.

In the meantime if you are suffering from endo bloating….a symptom that affects many women with endometriosis check out my free guide below by entering your details below.

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Lauren Healy