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This part is all about how to support the adrenals and why it’s so important for women with endometriosis.

One thing we often forget is that our bodies are systems. If one part isn’t functioning well, it’s because somewhere in the system isn’t working well.

With endometriosis we have to support all systems and that includes our adrenals.

To recap, our adrenals are primarily responsible for regulating the production of cortisol.

Cortisol is our stress hormone and comes to our rescue when we are under stress and requires energy. It basically diverts all energy away from non essential activities in the body and prepares us to fight or flight….(F.Y.I. digestion is a non critical activity when you are stressed, which is why your digestive symptoms might become particularly bad when you are feeling really stressed…)

This was very much needed from an evolutionary perspective as previously we would have needed to run away from that sabre tooth tiger, but now most of our stress is the chronic type, rather than the acute stress.

So why and how is it important to support the adrenals with endometriosis?

We know that endometriosis is an oestrogen dominant condition. What that means is that we either produce too much oestrogen or have too much oestrogen in comparison to progesterone.

It’s too much oestrogen that causes the symptoms of endometriosis.

If we are chronically stressed and are producing lots of cortisol we don’t have enough building blocks to make progesterone. If that continues we end up being oestrogen dominant.

So supporting the adrenals is key in managing our endometriosis symptoms:

But how do we go about doing that:

  • Firstly we need to identify areas of stress. What situations are causing stress for us right now and how can we go about dealing with these? Some stressful situations are normal but is this causing acute stress (i.e. stress for only a short period of time) or is this a situation which has been causing and is causing stress for a long period of time. These need to be addressed.

  • What situations are causing stress on your body? Are you stressing your body by not giving it adequate nutrition? Are you stressing your body by not addressing underlying food intolerances? Are you stressing your body by contributing to inflammation by not getting adequate sleep, relaxation or exercise?

  • Addressing trauma. Did you know that there is an association between childhood trauma and developing endometriosis? It’s sad but true. Addressing this trauma is part of healing. Seeing a professional you can talk about these issues could be part of your road to recovery.

All of these factors need to be addressed.

Endometriosis is a multi-faceted condition and needs to be addressed from lots of different perspectives.

What small change can you put in place today to help support your adrenals and your stress levels?

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Why supporting your adrenals is important if you have endo
Lauren Healy