READ ME: I have endometriosis and I can't lose weight....


Endometriosis is responsible for a lot of symptoms…

Period pain, pelvic pain during sex, during urination and bowel movement, fatigue and picking up every cold and virus under the sun to name but a few….

But could it be the reason you find it next to nearly impossible to lose weight too? Well possibly.

But why is that and what can I do about it?

There are multiple reasons you may be finding it difficult to lose weight.

  • With endometriosis your body is quite simply inflamed. If you are inflamed, weight loss isn’t really the aim of the game. Your body is too concerned with actually dealing with the source of inflammation. Our bodies want to maintain homeostasis and inflammation causes changes…. Quite simply if it is trying to deal with this constant inflammation it doesn’t have the energy to expend, trying to lose weight.

  • Secondly our thyroid gland comes into play. Our thyroid is what is responsible for helping us use up energy. If our thyroid gland isn’t working effectively we are going to find it difficult to lose weight. Thyroid function is often affected in women with endometriosis. In one cross sectional study of 3,680 women there was a 6.5 fold increase of having Hashimotos thyroiditis v’s women who did not have endometriosis. Hashimotos thryroiditis is an autoimmune immune condition that causes you to have an underactive thyroid. Symptoms of under thyroid include an inability to lose weight, feeling cold constantly and being constipated.

So how do you go about losing weight if you have endometriosis?

  • Needless to say diet is key. You want to be following an anti-inflammatory diet that is full of whole foods. Concentrate on making vegetables the bulk of your meals along with a decent sized amount of protein (at least 1g per kilogram bodyweight) Also make sure to include a moderate portion of healthy fats (nuts, seeds, olive oil).

  • If food intolerances are an issue, these need to be addressed. Work with someone to establish if this is an issue for you

  • Include some thyroid supporting foods in your diet. The main nutrients needed to support thyroid healthy are iodine and selenium. Make sure you are including foods in your diet that are rich in selenium like Brazil nuts and iodine like white fish.

Remember concentrate on making sure your diet as nutrient dense as possible to start off with. Inflammation needs to be addressed before weight loss can occur.

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Lauren Healy