READ ME: Should I be avoiding gluten if I have endometriosis?

One question that I frequently get asked is what foods should I specifically be avoiding if I have endometriosis?

And the follow up question nearly always refers to gluten.

So first up what exactly is gluten?

Gluten is a name for the proteins which are found in wheat. Gluten helps foods maintain their shape, acting as a glue thats holds food together. Gluten can be found in many types of foods, even ones that it may not be expected (Celiac Disease Foundation).

The research around foods that should be specifically avoided when it comes to endometriosis is mixed.

One literary review (a literary review is a review which takes evidence from several different studies) showed differing evidence on a number of different food groups including red meat and olive oil. If you’d like to read the literary review it is here.

The research on gluten is for the most part a little bit more conclusive.

One study showed that out of 207 women who suffered from endometriosis, after embarking on a gluten free diet, 75% (156 of them) reported a statistically significant improvement of symptoms. 25% reporting no improvement in symptoms and none of the women reporting any worsening in symptoms.

It is also worth noting that this study took place over 12 months so it took a significant amount of time for the women to experience an improvement in symptoms.

But how easy is it to eliminate gluten from your diet?

Well not as hard as you would think actually. One mistake I see that women often make is switching to lots of gluten free products.

We sometimes forget that even if something is marketed as “healthy” or “gluten free” these items may not necessarily actually be healthy as they are still highly processed.

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Lauren Healy