READ ME: Why do my thyroid and adrenals matter when it comes to managing my endo?

Endometriosis…that’s affect your female hormones and reproductive system doesn’t it? Well, yes and no.

When we think of named conditions like endometriosis we often want to tie stuff up with a bow and presume that it only affects one part of the body.

By fixing one part we can fix the entire problem….The one thing that we often forget is our bodies work as complicated amazing systems, not isolated parts just off doing their own thing.

Our body works as a system not as isolated parts.

When we think of endometriosis we often just think of our reproductive system including the reproductive glands for the most part the ovaries.

But what we forget is ALL OUR GLANDS (our entire endocrine system) including the ovaries are controlled by the same master gland: The pituitary gland.

Therefore doesn’t it make sense that if our female glands are out of whack our other glands are out of whack too?

Some of the other glands that are governed by our pituitary gland include the following:

  • The adrenal glands

  • The thyroid gland

The main job of the adrenal gland is to produce cortisol which helps regulate metabolic processes and helps our body to respond to stress. I’m sure you may have heard the adrenal glands being referred to as the stress glands before?

The main job of the thyroid gland is to regulate energy and metabolism. Its the gland that determines how good we are at using energy up from our food.

With endometriosis there are a number of symptoms that OVERLAP with the dysfunction of both the adrenal glands and the thyroid glands therefore when looking at endometriosis it is really important to look at supporting ALL OUR GLANDS not just the ovaries.

Common symptoms of poor adrenal and thyroid function include poor energy, cravings for sweet and salty food, tiredness even after resting, waking up in the middle of the night and an inability to lose weight. Do any of those symptoms sound familiar?

But how do we support the adrenals and thyroid glands?

Read the next part of this blog post where I discuss some of the symptoms that overlap with endometriosis and how specifically to support the thyroid and adrenals.

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Lauren Healy