READ ME: Productivity and your menstrual cycle

When it comes to your monthly cycle productivity probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind but did you know there are times when we are naturally more productive?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to harness our own monthlies to our advantage and have them work for us?

Often women with endometriosis are plagued by low energy driven by the low grade inflammation constantly going on so wouldn’t it be great to know a little bit more about when we are feeling a little bit more energetic and perhaps can push ourselves a little bit more?

And when is the right time to lay low and perhaps succumb to the fact that we naturally aren’t going to be full of energy and ready to take on a new project?

BTW this post was prompted by a recent Amy Porterfield podcast with Kate Northrup…if you would like to listen to the whole podcast (which is really interesting btw) I have linked it here.

The difference between men and women when it comes to energy

Men have a cyclical experience of their energy based on their hormones over 24 hours…Bear with me this will make more sense when I explain how women’s energy levels work.

Women on the other hand have a cyclical experience of their energy based on their hormones over 28 days….i.e our monthly cycles.

Unfortunately for us as women productivity systems are set up mostly based on people working 9-5 over 24 hours so are better designed for men not for women.

So with that in mind lets talk a little bit more about how women can harness their energy best over a 28 day cycle.

We can divide up our energy into seasons which also tie into the part of the menstrual cycle we are in.

  • Winter time: This is the time we experience our period and is considered a lower energy time for women in general but especially for women with endometriosis. This is the time our brains are most cross connected between left (the logical side) and the right side (the creative side).

    It is also considered the best time for insights, ideas and intuitions. It can be a great time to create space in your calendar for evaluation and it is a great time to listen to your instincts and really hone in on these. Basically if you get a gut instinct during your period go with it!

  • Spring time: Which is also known as the follicular phase. This is the phase between the time you finish your period and the time you ovulate. At this time your brain is wired for new beginnings…This is great time to engage in some planning and initiate some brainstorming. Basically ideas, ideas and more ideas….so make sure to keep a pen and paper around during your follicular phase.

  • Summer time or ovulation: At this time pheromones are at their strongest and you naturally will be at your most magnetic. You’ll also be most verbally fluent so this is a great time if you need to make that big presentation or pitch an idea or even just need to articulate yourself in your most effective way.

  • Lastly autumn time or your luteal phase: At this time you are best orientated for details…so use this time to do things like checking over documentation and proof reading. Anything that requires a great eye for details.

    In a perfect world of course we would be able to orientate ourselves best to work according to our cycles but I do of course know that isnt always practical.

    It is though a really interesting thing to keep in mind if you are feeling very low in energy or are suddenly full of ideas. It can also help you be a bit kinder to yourself if you are feeling particular tongue tied or missed that important detail from a presentation deck.

    What do you think? I’d love to hear from you and hear if you found this post interesting.

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Lauren Healy