READ ME PART 2: Meditation, mindfulness and endometriosis

If you havent had a chance yet make sure you check out Part 1 of this blog post where I discuss exactly what meditation and mindfulness is and why exactly it is important for women with endometriosis.

Now that we know why its important, how do we go about actually including it in our lives without it becoming another thing we feel we should be doing or another thing that gets added to our never ending to do list?

I talk to a lot of my one one one clients about the beauty of mindfulness and meditation and we already know there are numerous benefits of it so why aren’t we all doing it:

The most common things I hear are the following (btw no judgement here)

·      “I don’t know how”

·      “I don’t have time”

·      “I tried and I didn’t feel the benefits so I stopped”

“I don’t know how”

 The great thing about starting a meditation habit is its never been easier.

There are so many tools available to you right now, which mean you can start meditating right now.

 And it doesn’t need to involve locking yourself in a room or spending hours of your day doing it.

You can simply try out a guided meditation via an app like Headspace or Calm. You don’t need to do anything…simply turn it on and let it do its thing. Calm is my personal favourite and it also features sleep stories if you find it difficult to nod off.

If you are a little bit more experienced in your meditation habit consider trying out Insight Timer where you can search for topics you would like to concentrate on.

The second objection that frequently comes up is:

 “I don’t have time” which is totally legitimate.

 Sometimes meditation can feel like something else we need to add to our never ending to do list.

 And this is where the beauty of mindfulness comes in (which we discussed in Part 1 of this post)

The beauty of mindfulness is there are probably lots of activities you are doing right now that you could choose to do completely mindfully.

 A few of my personal favourites include drinking a cup of your favourite tea, eating your breakfast, brushing your teeth and taking a shower. These are all things you have to do everyday so why not take a few minutes to really engage in these things in a mindful way that is nourishing for you.

The 3rd and final objection I often hear is:

 “I tried already and I didn’t feel the benefits”

This is becoming more and more evident as people are becoming more aware of meditation and mindfulness.

The thing we forget is meditation is exercise….and like any exercise it takes practice.

 Meditation isn’t necessarily something to get good at and that’s a difficult thing for us to get our heads around in a society that’s driven by goals and getting things done.

 Meditation is actually about being completely accepting of where you are right now.

 It isn’t something to get good at.

 Its something that can help us in other areas of our life and make us more compassionate towards ourselves which is so important with endometriosis. We can often feel that our bodies have betrayed us and we’ve done something to contribute to this.

 When you start your meditation practice commit to the idea that you won’t be “good at it” and it will require effort, dedication and motivation to keep you on track in order to reap the benefits.

 Some days it might feel really easy and other days you might feel like tearing your hair out. Thats ok. Just go with it.

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