RECIPE: Butternut squash risotto

Try out this delicious and nutritious vegetarian and high in fibre recipe when you have a little bit more time over the weekend.

Ingredients (Serves 2):

A butternut squash

1 onion

Risotto rice (enough for 2)

A handful of parsley

Some parmesan cheese (optional) or some nutritional yeast will work well also

A vegetable stock cube

A couple of cloves of garlic

A teaspoon of chilli powder

A teaspoon of turmeric

A freezer bag


  • Preheat your oven to 180 degrees celsius

  • Cut up the butternut squash into cubes. You will need about half the squash for this recipe but I usually dice the entire thing and roast all of it. The remainder of it can then be used for lunches during the week. You could also use it for a soup or freeze the other half raw and use it at another point.

  • Put the butternut squash into the freezer bag along with a little bit of olive oil and all your spices (except the turmeric). Mix it well together and ensure all the butternut squash is well covered in spices.

  • Put onto a baking tray and roast for about 30-35 minutes

  • Make some vegetable stock. You will need just under a litre of stock.

  • Dice the onion and the garlic

  • Heat a small amount of oil in a pan..this will need to be big enough to fit your rice. Keep the stock beside your pan with a ladle.

  • Add the onion and garlic to the pan

  • Once cooked add the rice. Stir well together

  • Add a ladle of the stock and allow to cook. At this point you will need to keep stirring the rice with a wooden spoon. Keep it on a low to medium heat and keep adding liquid once it starts to evaporate

  • Keep stirring the risotto and adding the liquid until the rice cooks. This should take about 25-30 minutes

  • Once cooked add the turmeric and season well with salt and pepper. You can also add some parmesan cheese or nutritional yeast

  • Once the butternut squash is cooked add half of it to the risotto and put the other half on top. Dress with the parsley and the rest of the parmesan cheese/nutritional yeast.

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Lauren Healy