READ ME: Why the Pill may not be the best option for your endometriosis...

Ok controversial blog post alert!!

This is something that I’ve been meaning to write about for awhile but couldn’t quite put the words to it.

From my experience A LOT of women are on the Pill to manage their endometriosis symptoms. And I completely understand. This is most definitely not a post to insult women who are on that path.

I know from experience that it was pretty much the only option that was offered to me. I started taking the Pill myself when I was 17 and was on and off it until the age of 33. When I had my laparoscopy to confirm my diagnosis of endometriosis at the age of 26 I was told to go on the Pill consecutively for 12 months and then take it normally. That was the treatment option. There was simply nothing else offered.

And at the time it suited me. I was in a relationship and didn’t want to conceive so it seemed to offer the best of both worlds. Manage my endometriosis symptoms and not get pregnant. Done.

why the pill may not be the best option for your endometriosis

But the thing about endometriosis and in fact any illness is that symptoms are your bodies attempt to communicate with you. It’s trying desperately to tell you something is wrong.

By being on the Pill we are essentially turning off our bodies normal physiological processes. By being on the Pill we are ignoring the symptoms of our body that are telling us something is up.

By actually experiencing the symptoms of endometriosis (as awful as they are) it’s reminding us that we need to mind ourselves. By covering over it with the Pill its essentially not warning us that there is damage going on in our bodies.

This is by no means a post to tell women to come off the Pill and is in no way judging anyone that is. I completely understand that managing your endometriosis is really difficult and sometimes being on the Pill is the only way some women can actually make it through the day. As I said above I was on the Pill for a really long time.

But it is to remind you that even though the Pill may be hiding the symptoms of your endometriosis, it is not getting rid of it.

Being on the Pill may in fact form part of your toolkit when it comes to managing your endometriosis symptoms on an everyday basis, but it shouldn’t be the only thing you rely on.

It’s so important that you are minding yourself and using everything available to you in your toolkit to manage your endometriosis including: diet, lifestyle, supplements, medication, alternative therapies etc.

There is a chance at some stage you will want to come off your Pill and you want to make that transition as easy as possible.

By implementing other parts of the strategy right now will help to do that.

I’d love to know if you are currently on the Pill to manage your endometriosis symptoms?

Was it the only option offered to you?

I hope you enjoyed this blog post.

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The Pill and endometriosis

Lauren Healy